Features & Benefits

Flexible and powerful, My Life My Way drives change at an individual and organisational level. With everything a self-directed business or customer needs in one place, it’s your needs delivered your way in real-time – from onboarding, budgeting and scheduling right through to expenses, timesheets and payroll.

Easy Onboarding

Customer setup made simple with our flexible self-service solution

  1. Customers enter their information online.
  2. Our dynamic system adjusts the onboarding journey based on the information provided, from contact through to completion.
  3. Convenient for customers, cost-effective for you, and easier all-round.


  • Budgeting tools
  • Dynamic onboarding journeys.
  • Secure digital signing capabilities.
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • User accessibility features.
  • Integrated help content including automatically triggered guidance videos.
  • Integration with external systems such as CRM and document management.
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Funding Management

Manage the funding lifecycle from end-to-end across multiple sources, while supporting and informing your customers.

  1. Track customer balances in real-time and obtain detailed breakdowns of transactions. Funding can be entered directly into the system by staff, uploaded from a spreadsheet, or entered via integration with an external system.
  2. Utilise powerful automated processes to proactively monitor spending and identify where help is needed.
  3. Trigger communication and escalation automatically depending on your requirements.


  • Realtime funding tracking and analysis.
  • A user-friendly interface that mirrors online banking.
  • Simple customer spending statements.
  • Automatic statement generation and sending.
  • Itemised transaction breakdowns and graphs.
  • The ability to extract transactions for analysis
  • Bank account integration (where a funding bank account is being used and transparency of spending is required).
  • Seamless management of private funding.
  • The ability to upload transactions from external systems.
  • Predefined notifications and communications processes triggered by irregular spending
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Time, Attendance and Payroll

Enjoy convenient, advanced self-service for capturing hours, jobs, attendance and payments.

  1. Customers and/or their Personal Assistants enter their own timesheets.
  2. Employee details, payslips, leave balances etc are captured and maintained within the system.
  3. Extensive functionality allows for automation and integration with your payroll system.


  • Bespoke time and attendance self-service solution (for both employer and employees).
  • Workforce scheduling and rostering for managing teams of support staff.
  • Automated review and approval of timesheets (including automated insertion into a payroll system).
  • The ability to add and maintain employee details, payslips, leave balances, etc.
  • Streamlined processing of large-scale payrolls.
  • Flexible, cost-effective integration with your payroll system.
  • Advanced ‘automated’ timesheet processing workflows.
  • Audit log to track changes.
  • Ability to record account and claim-level notes.
  • Payslips issuance.
  • Leave balance self-service.
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User-Friendly Budgeting

Guide, inform and empower your customers with dynamic budgeting tools.

  1. Customers set a budget, which can be corrected or adjusted as required.
  2. Costs can be forecast and linked to purposes/goals (for example, budgeting for additional support during a holiday).
  3. Easy-to-follow graphs present a breakdown of the budget, allowing spending to be maximised.


  • Cost forecasting (including forecasting across different frequencies) .
  • Budget goal setting.
  • The ability to link items to purposes/goals.
  • Graphical analysis of budgeted spending.
  • Proportional spending trend analysis and tracking.
  • Planning tools (for example, adding employees who are not yet employed).
  • Budgeting for staff, expenses and support from service providers.
  • Budgeting for costs with third-party service providers.
  • Easy-to-use tools to optimise the spending of funding on staffing
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Payments Management

Streamline payments to third-party service providers, reducing administration for both customers and service providers/funders.

  1. Claims for payments to third-party service providers can be paid directly on behalf of the customer.
  2. This removes the need for customers to receive funds, and then have to pay them to the third-party service provider.
  3. The system can authorise and post payment transactions directly to a bank clearing system or financial accounting system.


  • Functionality for customers to easily select and add third party providers to their account.
  • Transaction authorisation direct to bank and financial accounting systems.
  • The ability for customers to enter claims for expenses themselves.
  • The ability to pay/reimburse customers, pay service providers directly, and review and rate service providers.
  • The ability for staff to review, process, query and reject claims within the system.
  • Automatic processing of some claims.
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Direct Payments Management

Simplify direct payments with the power of scheduling functionality and easy oversight.

  1. Add budgeted spending items (customers can qualify spending themselves with the ability to attach invoices).
  2. Payment schedules are created dynamically, with a complete view of spending in one place.
  3. Once set up, the direct payments disbursements are created automatically for approval.


  • Dynamic tools for creating a direct payments disbursement plan based on budgeted items.
  • The ability to link budgets to purposes, goals or outcomes.
  • Bank account integration to aggregate bank transactions.
  • Rules-based criteria that can be applied to identify irregular spending for follow-up.
  • The ability to apply global transaction analysis rules or to customise rules for a specific customer.
  • Automated analysis of bank balance to identify excess balances.
  • Automated prompting of customer to qualify a bank transaction.
  • The ability for customers to add notes and attach invoices to bank transactions.
  • The ability for customers to add notes and attach invoices to bank transactions.
  • The ability for customers to opt to automatically classify bank transactions once they have been classified for the first time.
  • Summary dashboard of direct payment participants for funder’s / hosts staff that indicates spending status, bank account balance, etc.
  • The ability to process direct payments disbursements (including one-offs).
  • Automated creation of direct payments disbursements into financial and banking systems via integration.
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Personal Assistant Finder

Post job adverts and search available positions in our easy-to-navigate Personal Assistant Finder.

  1. Advertisers can list jobs across a multitude of criteria including geography, specialised skills, hourly rate, availability, etc.
  2. Job seekers can browse roles that match their specific needs via our user-friendly searchable system.
  3. Advertisers and job seekers connect with each other to start the recruitment process.


  • The ability for customers/advertisers to set up accounts and post job advertisements.
  • Ability for job seekers to set up accounts and post profiles themselves.
  • Sample templates for fast, easy job posting.
  • Numerous filtering options and specialisation categories.
  • Comprehensive search functionality.
  • Job adverts can be saved for later re-use.
  • Job seeking functionality matching based on numerous criteria including skills, experience, location, etc.
  • Automated job alerts setup/configuration.
  • Automated processes for managing account timeliness and dormancy for both advertisers and job seekers.
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Funder Compliance

Funder-specific, easy-to-follow view of spending information supported by spending behaviour analysis.

  1. Bank feeds connect to customers’ funding accounts and aggregate spending transaction data in near real-time.
  2. Funder can easily see a summary of spending information across customers, with filtering options.
  3. Bank transactions are analysed based on predefined spending ‘rules’ designed to identify irregular transactions.


  • Funder-specific view of spending compliance.
  • Aggregation of bank transactions leveraging bank account feeds/integration
  • Simple graphs to immediately identify customers who need spending support.
  • Summary dashboard with details of spending.
  • The ability to easily configure spending ‘rules’, which can be applied globally or to specific customers.
  • Allocation of transactions to a ‘purpose’ or specific goal, which the system can then learn and apply to future transactions automatically.
  • The ability for staff to access spending transactions and analyse them directly, if required, without needing to access the funding bank account.
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