June 2024 Updates

June 20, 2024

My Life My Way are Cyber Essentials accredited

What is Cyber Essentials ?

Cyber Essentials is an effective, Government backed scheme that helps us protect our organisation, against a whole range of the most common cyber attacks.

As we all know cyber attacks come in many shapes and sizes, but the vast majority are very basic in nature, carried out by relatively unskilled individuals. They’re the digital equivalent of a thief trying your front door to see if it’s unlocked.

My Life My Way is accredited in the first level of certification - Cyber Essentials

The National Cyber Security Centre supports a self-assessment option that enables organisations like us to ensure protection against a wide variety of the most common cyber attacks. This is really important because vulnerability to basic attacks can mark us out as target for more in-depth unwanted attention from cyber criminals and others. The certification gives us & our users the peace of mind that our defences will protect against the vast majority of common cyber attacks simply because these attacks are looking for targets which do not have the Cyber Essentials technical controls in place.

Cyber Essentials shows how to address the basics and prevent the most common attacks.

Next My Life My Way plans to progress to the next level of certification - Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus still has the Cyber Essentials trademark simplicity of approach, and the protections we need to put in place are the same, but for Cyber Essentials Plus a hands-on technical verification is carried out. My Life My Way plan on undertaking their Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation in early 2025.

Why get Cyber Essential - Certified Cyber Security

In the evolving world we live in reassuring customers that you are working to secure your IT against cyber attack is fundamental! We want to attract new business with the promise we have cyber security measures in place. It also evidences that we have a clear picture of our organisation's cyber security level.

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May 2024 Updates

May 15, 2024

Customer Satisfaction - "I wish I'd done it earlier!"

My Life My Way was implemented by Manawanui in early 2016, it took just over a year to migrate the majority of Customers onto the platform – today they now have over 90% of Customers using the system. My Life My Way is the single most cited “reason” for people recommending Manawanui as their self-directed services provider. 

Those who have been hesitant to use My Life My Way will consistently say “I wish I’d done it earlier” once they have started using the system. 

Perhaps the most impactful part of the My Life My Way digital transformation is the transparency it delivers. Queries can be immediately investigated, Customers can track & manage their budgets in real-time & data can be analysed on-demand. The funder can be presented with or granted access to ‘spending information’ which has changed our relationship with the funder for the better. Being able to meet the funders informational needs has been critically important for the New Zealand self- directed services market because it enable Manawanui to give comfort to the funder following increased spending flexibility in New Zealand as a part of the COVID response. 

April 2024 Updates

April 29, 2024

Organisational Growth & Efficiency - Better Self Direction

In 2004, Manawanui started out with just 200 self-directed customers, using a largely paper-based system & exclusively manual processes. By the time we implemented My Life My Way in 2015/16, we were supporting 2000 people with only minimal improvements to those manual processes & this led to errors and complaints from Customers & the need to employ more & more staff. Implementing My Life My Way enabled customers to self-service, transformed key support & payroll processes resulting in a significant reduction in the need to continually increase resource & also significant reduction in payroll processing times and errors. My Life My Way has enabled real-time transparency of funding balances & spending for both Customers & staff.

The success of My Life My Way stimulated significant Customer growth for Manawanui & we now support over 12,000 Customers across New Zealand with a significantly reduced requirement for human resource & significantly improved Customer satisfaction. Prior to our digital transformation the organisation was plagued with manual data entry errors as well as delays in transaction processing & this led to customer frustrations that resulted in an increase in the workload of the Customer service team. The increasing complexity as Customer numbers grew led to limits in our ability to scale effectively.

March 2024 Updates

March 28, 2024

The Manawanui Journey to Self Direction

The My Life My Way digital platform has delivered significant impact for Manawanui in terms of positive customer impacts, operational efficiency & growth, & transparency – this has enabled more people to adopt a self-directed approach in New Zealand – enabling choice, control and flexibility and good lives for people with disabilities.

My Life My Way was built & implemented by Manawanui in early 2016, it took just over a year to migrate the majority of Customers onto the platform. Today they now have over 90% of Customers using the system. My Life My Way is the single most cited “reason” for people recommending Manawanui as their self-directed services provider. It has driven dramatic improvements across the board. Those who have been hesitant to use My Life My Way will consistently say “I wish I’d done it earlier” once they have started using the system.

Who are Manawanui ? They are the leading provider of self-directed services in New Zealand & operates as a social enterprise that supports people with disabilities to be self-directed, & manage their own disability supports. The impact of self-direction is transformational for people who use it, but very complicated to implement, because it involves a complex framework for employment, compliance, tax, & budgeting.

Before the My Life My Way platform was available, many people chose not to be self- directed due to the complexity of the administration requirements. The My Life My Way platform, has made the process easy & convenient for people, resulting in rapid growth & uptake of self-directed approaches. In turn, this has led to more people achieving transformational outcomes & quality of life improvements. It has also led to a measurable improvement in our customer’s trust in us, as evidenced by our a Customer satisfaction score of 89%, & our reputation in the disability sector.

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