Specifications & Capabilities

My Life My Way offers instant real-time access 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection. With easy-to-use supporting apps, smart automation, and powerful security, My Life My Way works hard for your business and makes life easier for your people.

Web Application

  • Bespoke self-service application available for all main internet browsers, supported by Microsoft Azure Cloud security.
  • 15670 SectionA

Smartphone Apps

  • Native Google Android and Apple IOS smartphone apps
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Support for push notifications
  • Ability to disable functions, modules or applications as required
  • Ability to force application update
  • Mobile App emulation console for customer support staff
  • Single administration application across both Android and IOS smartphone applications


  • UI support for dyslexia, cursor size changes, colour contrast inversion and dynamic zoom.
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Tested across all main screen readers (JAWS, NVDA, Microsoft Narrator, etc).
  • WCAG 2.1 compliant.


  • Automated processing of timesheets, expense claims, customer spending statements and payslips.
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Automated analysis of spending behaviour.
  • Automated reminders and communications processes to support payroll processing.


  • Support for REST API, SFTP.
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Excel and .CSV File integration.
  • Active monitoring of integrations.


  • Active monitoring of connected systems and interfaces including automated alerts when interfaces become unstable or stop working
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Ability to check the status of critical system processes and services in a dedicated dashboard
  • Support for Microsoft Azure Cloud monitoring services
  • Support for integration to service management systems (e.g. JIRA)


  • In-built suite of reports enabling the extraction of key data (e.g. Audit Report)
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Ability to extract Customer transaction data from the system for analysis
  • Support for Microsoft Power BI

Audit & Compliance

  • Detailed audit trail logging of changes to key data (e.g. timesheets and claims)
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Ability to extract an account’s spending history into an audit report
  • Ability for auditors to access specific customer accounts in ‘read-only’ to support spending investigations

Mailbox Integration

  • Integration with key inbound customer mailboxes
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Automated ingestion of email including mapping of email to customer accounts
  • Emails and attachments automatically saved and stored in customer accounts
  • Ability to reply to email from within the My Life My Way system
  • Automated processing of email and presentation in a queue for staff to process

Purchasing Decision Making

  • Customers can access an online purchasing support tool to provide details in support of a purchased item
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Customers can enter a proposed purchase item and submit it to clarify if it can be purchased
  • Notes can be added to an account to detail purchasing exceptions

Security & Authentication

  • Identify Server 4 authentication
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Role-based access model
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud – Azure Firewall and DDoS Protection
  • Regularly tested and verified by an independent third-party testing organisation
  • Support for single sign on across self-service applications, multi-factor authentication, and external authentication integration (LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory)
  • Password complexity checker
  • Automated support for regular password renewal (default 180 days)

Personal Assistant Finder

  • Ability for Customers / Advertiser to setup an account themselves
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Ability for Customer / Advertiser to post a job advertisement themselves
  • Ability for Job Seeker to setup an account themselves
  • Ability for Job Seeker to post a profile themselves
  • Ability for job advertisement and job seeker matching based on numerous criteria including skills, experience, location, etc
  • Ability for automated job alerts to be setup/configured
  • Automated processes for managing account timeliness and dormancy
  • Automated processes for managing job advertisement timeliness and dormancy

Direct Payments Funding Bank Account Management

  • Bank account integration to aggregate bank transactions
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Automated analysis of bank transactions to identify irregular spending, transfers and withdrawals using ‘rules’ based evaluation
  • Ability to apply global transaction analysis rules or to customise rules for a specific Customer
  • Automated analysis of bank balance to identify excess balances
  • Automated prompting of Customer to qualify a bank transaction
  • Ability for the Customer to add a detailed note to a bank transaction
  • Ability for the Customer to attach an invoice to a bank transaction
  • Ability for the Customer to map / classify a bank transaction to a purpose of goal
  • Ability for the Customer to opt to automatically classify bank transactions once they have been classified for the first time

Direct Payments

  • Dynamic tool for creating a direct payments disbursement plan based on budgeted items
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Ability to map budgeted spending to a purpose or outcome
  • Ability to manage actual spending into the direct payments plan to avoid overspending
  • Summary dashboard of direct payments participants for staff that indicates spending status, bank account balance, etc
  • Ability to re-process direct payments disbursements
  • Ability to process one-off direct payments disbursements
  • Automated creation of direct payments disbursements into a financial system via integration
  • Automated creation of direct payments disbursements in a banking system via integration


  • Time and attendance self-service for Employers
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Time and attendance self-service for Employees
  • Payroll email inbox can be consumed into a processing queue
  • Customers can enter details for a new Employee including loading key documents
  • Customers can terminate Employees
  • Advanced claims queueing screens for streamlined processing
  • Ability to record account and claim level notes
  • Advanced audit log to track changes to Claims and Employees
  • Pay rate history support
  • Payslips self-service for Employers
  • Payslips self-service for Employees
  • Payslips issuance
  • Leave Balances self-service for Employers
  • Automated review and approval of timesheets including automated insertion into a payroll system
  • Advanced integration to an external payroll system
  • Automated monitoring of external payroll system interfaces

Spending Compliance Module

  • Funder specific view of spending compliance
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Aggregation of bank transactions leveraging bank account feeds / integration
  • Summary dashboard for Staff of Customers with details of spending
  • Analysis of spending transactions using predefined rules

Workforce Scheduling & Rostering

  • Customers can create their own staff schedule and roster
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Ability to schedule activities and work shifts
  • Ability to add recurring activities and work shifts
  • Ability to invite staff to work shifts
  • Ability to cost a roster
  • Ability to notify Staff of shift assignment via different methods
  • Ability to set reminders
  • Ability to attach documents to an activity or work shift
  • Ability to convert the worked roster to Claims / Timesheets

Payments Module

  • Customer can enter claims for expenses themselves
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Ability to pay / reimburse the Customer
  • Ability to pay a service provider directly on invoice
  • Ability to setup Service Providers to be selectable from a list of providers
  • Ability to review and rate Service Providers
  • Ability for Staff to review and process Claims
  • Ability for Staff to query sand reject a claim within the system
  • Ability to automatically process some claims

Spending Management

  • Automated analysis of spending on a daily basis
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Customer spending analysis self-service
  • Easy to follow Customer statement
  • Automated issuance of Customer statements to those Customers who want to regularly receive their statement
  • Accessible version of the Customer Statement
  • Detailed breakdown of Customer spending at a transaction level
  • Spending analysis graphs
  • Ability to extract transactions for analysis
  • Ability to manually upload transactions from an external system
  • Ability to upload transactions from an external system via an interface
  • Predefined notifications and communications processes triggered by irregular spending
  • Both Customers and Staff are made aware of spending issues
  • Claims payment limitations can be applied where spending issues occur
  • Claims that are ‘in process’ are included in spending management to ensure accuracy of the remaining balance


  • Funding can be entered directly into the system by staff, uploaded from a spreadsheet or entered via integration with an external system
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Funding start dates and end dates can be configured
  • Automated reminder notices when funding renewal is due
  • Customers can see funding details
  • Zero balance funding supported
  • Customers can have multiple fundings


  • Advanced dynamic budgeting capability
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Budget for Staff, Expenses and for support from Service Providers
  • Graphical analysis of budgeted spending
  • Proportional spending trend analysis and tracking
  • Ability to reset the budget and start from a new date
  • Easy to use tools to optimise the spending of funding on staffing


  • Digital online self-service for Customers
  • 15670 SectionA
  • Dynamic onboarding journeys
  • Digital documents and digital signing
  • Integration to external systems such as CRM and document management
  • Integrated help including automatically triggered guidance videos