My life My way

Leaders in Self-Directed Software Solutions

My Life My Way was established to enable those using self-directed services to benefit from technology as a key enabler of modern self-directed services. Established in partnership with Manawanui Support Limited, My Life My Way is a technology centred organisation whose mission is to benefit as many people as possible through the effective use of self-directed technologies.

The My Life My Way software product suite was first developed in the New Zealand self-directed market with a focus on the person at the centre of the solution and on making self-directed services as easy as possible. The co-production approach used in New Zealand has been expanded to successfully deliver more software for people, providers and funders in other global markets.

The My Life My Way team is led by Neil Browning (Chief Digital Officer) and the My Life My Way development and support teams operate across the globe supporting the users of the My Life My Way software products. The team are currently busy building out new functionality for new geographic markets as well as revising the future roadmap for My Life My Way to deliver a complete end to end solution for self-directed services across the globe.

At My Life My Way we believe that self-direction is a human right and technology is the key to enabling that.

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